A A quick introduction, and an overview of the lesson: Word Document.


The goals of this module are to teach students about the following key concepts:

  • What is biodiversity?
  • How are insects important?
  • What are Hymenoptera? Most wasps are minute and do not sting humans.
  • Why are wasps and bees important?
  • What is the superfamily Chalcidoidea and how are they important?
  • Why should we increase insect biodiversity?
  • How common and how diverse are Hymenoptera on the school campus and other habitats?
  • How we can increase biodiversity in the school and home environment?

How This Module Fits Into the NGSS



Teachers can download a video presentation of a graduate student at UCR presenting a class lesson on Biodiversity. There are several ways to download this lesson depending on teacher preference:

Interactive questions

Teachers can download a list of potential questions to ask students at ‘interactive points’ highlighted during the presentation. Word document

Evaluation form

Students can evaluate the material using this form. Word document


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